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We would like to introduce ALONGU, a familiar dish used as a side dish at MON Wine Bar.

ALONGU is produced in Hasami City, Nagasaki Prefecture, it is popular with customers both in Japan and overseas for its beautiful design and ease of daily use.

ALONGU Plate φ220  ¥2860


ALONGU is a tableware designed by product designer Jin Kuramoto that is in keeping with Japan's diverse and ever-evolving food culture.

For example, at MON Wine Bar, we serve dishes with a Japanese twist, such as ethnic-style fried chicken and mushroom and bamboo shoot spring rolls, as well as dishes from other countries that have been arranged in a Japanese style. ALONGU focuses on the present and future of food culture, which continues to evolve through interaction.

The 20cm flat plate has a slightly raised edge, making it suitable for serving pasta dishes or curries that contain a little liquid, but it also works well as a plate for a breakfast plate.

ALONGU Bowl φ150 Sage ¥1430

ALONGU bowls are available in 15cm and 25cm varieties, both of which are slightly shallow in design. They can be used for serving soups, rice bowls, and even salads.

In addition to its design, ALONGU is also microwave and dishwasher safe, making it highly recommended from a functionality standpoint.

There was a time when MON Wine Bar served it with ice cream.


The price range of ALONGU tableware is affordable, and it seems that many people buy the whole series. We at MON would be happy to offer this tableware as a companion to your daily life.


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