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 A simple pen case by Pull Push Products, a craft brand based in Narutaki, Kyoto .

In addition to Black, MON also carries Frost, Emerald green, and Marine blue.


Brand_ Pull Push Products

Design/Production: Nobuhiro Sato

size _ About W212×H92mm

Country of Origin_Japan


About the “PE” collection

"PE" is a craft collection made from polyethylene film, which is used for garbage bags. By layering ready-made plastic bags and manually heat-sealing them with an electric iron, we create a unique texture and expression with natural shrinkage, wrinkles, and unevenness.

Although plastic is an industrial material, by sticking to a craft-like technique that molds each piece by hand from fabric to assembly, it creates a unique and unique texture and warm expression. In addition, the luster and coloration unique to plastic materials further deepen the appeal of the item. In addition to repelling water, it is also characterized by being able to clean stains such as ink with a solvent. At the beginning of use, the fabric is firm and firm, but with continued use, it becomes more flexible.

[Pull Push Products]

Based in a studio in Narutaki, Kyoto, the brand presents a collection of items that value the enjoyment of use and the texture of touch, based on the concept of materials and stories in the creation of their products. The company aims to produce products that convey the temperature of the manufacturer, believing in the subtle and gentle texture created by hand.


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