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Mineral Key Holder - Sodalite


A key holder from the stationery brand Postalco.

Working with traditional Japanese stone craftsmen to create a series of multicolored Mineral Key Holders. These stones are not dyed or treated. Screws closed. Handmade in Japan.


Soda Lite

Sodalite is a beautiful deep blue mineral often mistaken for laps lazuli and is in fact one of the blue minerals that make up laps lazuli. Its deep blue color makes you feel as if you are looking at the bottom of the deepest ocean.



size _ 2 x 5.2 x 2cm/0.8 x 2 x 0.8"

country of origin_Japan


How to care


While using the screw cap may come loose or unscrewed. From time to time hand-tighten the screw cap. Please do not force the screw closed as the threads may become stripped. Over time the metal color may darken or change.


These natural stones are not dyed or treated. Cut and finished by hand they are combined with solid brass hardware. Even within the same type of stone there is natural variation in color and pattern. To clean wipe with a wet cloth and dry immediately. Avoid strong impacts as the stone may chip or crack. If sharp edges develop discontinue use to avoid injury. Sodalite and lapis Lazuli color may fade with exposure to water and salt. Reduce exposure to direct sunlight.

(Quoted from Postalco website)



POSTALCO was launched in Brooklyn, New York in 2000 by Mike Ableson, a former bag designer. Currently based in Tokyo, the brand focuses on stationery, making various daily-use tools such as wallets, coin cases, backpacks, card holders, card cases, key holders, and rainwear in small workshops and craftspeople in Japan. The range of products is varied, but they are all designed to be used in everyday life, with discreet design, practicality, and functionality. 


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